What if WiFi wasn't just a benefit to your customers,

but a marketing tool?

WiFi Marketing or next-generation Guest WiFi is one of the most innovative forms of marketing. It is about streamlining the Guest Wifi login process, social media engagement, and communicating a message or content directly to customers who have visited you.

It allows any mobile device (mobile phones, iPhone, Andriod, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc.) equipped with WiFi technology to connect and receive free WiFi just as they normally would. The only difference is the WiFi-seeking customers are asked to give the establishment basic personal information in exchange for the connection.

WiFi Marketing is now allowing any sized business, not just large nationally recognized brands, to seize the power of big data analytics to drive more profitable customer behavior. This kind of modern marketing automation allows business owners and marketing teams to put their marketing on autopilot and ultimately drive people to spend more money with them.

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